Welcome to Fortune Teller Gaming!

Creating the next generation platform of NoChance games with the right mix of retro and modern styling to legally give your customers all the options they could want from a single vendor. All of our games are certified by an independant testing lab in Ohio per the state's requirements.

Email us to receive information and check back soon to view our full catalog including our soon to be released skill game platform which is currently in development!

We are constantly monitoring the legal environment to be sure we stay current on legislation covering our software. We are listed with the Ohio Casino Control Commission as a stakeholder in their 2017 Common Sense Initiative filing on skill games, which they have indicated will also cover NoChance games. If you would like to learn more about these new rules which are giving the state an official position on what has been a gray area for municipalities and the small businesses trying to operate a legal business in them, follow this link to the state's site!